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Mike and I took a big vacation at the end of October to Italy.  We saw lots of beautiful things and ate lots of yummy food.  Our roadtrip took us to Venice, Florence, Pisa, Umbria, Pompeii, and the Amalfi coast.  All places that were so unique in their own way.  I’ll let you see for yourself!   If […]

Introducing my new promo film! I wanted this film to give a peek into my home life and my life as a wedding photographer so that my couples could really get a feel for what the experience is like when working with Adrienne Matz Photography. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all came […]

Happy Birthday Bosco Matz!  Bosco is a ball of energy, always ready to play.  Now he is a full grown 30 lb ball of fluff and we love having him in our lives!  Some of his favorite activities include trying to catch squirrels, making new friends, taking car rides, and chasing anyone that will chase him […]

I had been aching for the next adventure and this roadtrip seemed to come just at the right time.  My 2015 season had just come to a close and I needed to push the refresh button for my mind and for my creativity.  There is something about seeking the unknown that drives both me and […]

It’s here! After 2 ½ months of hard work by Grit & Wit design the new Adrienne Matz Photography is live! I cannot thank Ann at Grit & Wit enough for the beautiful work she did on my site and blog.  She really got to know me and my brand direction and designed something that […]